Shinigami Yoko

My name is Omauri, aka Shinigami Yoko. I’m from Carson, California. I am the leader of the Krow Militia. My passion is art, mostly illustration and design but I also love to paint. I am also experimenting with music in my spare time, I plan to become a producer once I get myself established. One day I will become a legendary anime/manga artist and own a television station similar to Boomerang or Adult Swim that hosts exclusively anime and independent music. Ever since I was a kid, the two things I loved the most were anime and hip hop music. I want to show the world a different side of anime and hip hop music. That is the reason that The Krows came about, we all share a love for art and music.



Straight Out Of Inglewood California, A Young Soul with a Goal
A Humbled thought could change your Mind,
One Sound could change your Vibe ,
That’s what happened to Me,
It could happen to you too.



My name is Simbarashe Zindoga aka Simbarasta Zindoga aka Simba. I was born in Zimbabwe, Harare and I was raised in Anaheim Hills. My whole life I always loved being entertained and when it came down to figuring how I wanted to spend the rest of my days, I knew I wanted to create that upper echelon entertainment for the youngens and rugrats that were just like me. I’m a Musician and a Sound Engineer. I’m a scientist of life and I lay that science on the best instrumentals known to man. I started a movement called Base.. “A New Beginning With No Yesterday.”



My name is Taylor Hall-Smith, also known as: Blacklung, MountainBoi or Canyon King and I’m from Altadena, CA. Along with Omauri Smith, I helped develop the Krows Nest Collective along with finding a few of the members. I’m an avid skateboarder, musical artist of many genres, illustrator and lately I’ve been dabbling in the Tattoo flash art field. Eventually I will be looking into learning how to tattoo as well. Along with skateboarding, art and music, I enjoy photography and film. Currently I am working towards opening my own skate shop with focuses on music and tattoos with potential locations in the heart of Altadena, Monterey Bay, & Oregon.



Chill, groove, vibe, then repeat to the smooth sounds of BonifAce; a 19 year old musician based out of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. BonifAce makes feel good music, with a refreshing splash of lyricism. He has a thorough, developed sound that can be enjoyed in any environment. BonifAce is a universal type of musician that is constantly working to better his craft. Some of his musical influences include Curren$y, A Tribe Called Quest, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and Snoop Dogg. Keep your eyes out and ears open for more BonifAce music coming soon to speakers near you.