The Krow Militia started out as a street wear company, created by the people who walk the same streets as you do. However, the Krow Militia is more than just a clothing company or an artist collective; it’s a lifestyle that we all can relate to. It’s for those who plot out their own path, and hunt down their dreams every day, unbothered, unseen. The mystical beings, cloaked in shadow. It’s for those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, those who understand that passion is just as important as profit. The Krow Militia is about being your own boss; together, we bosses form a rebel faction that battles against the status quo. It’s also for those who are simply interested in fresh street wear, live music, fine art, or all of the above! Our mission is to bring together all of the local talent that Los Angeles has to offer, and showcase our work to our fans, friends, family, and potential business associates. Whatever your reasons are for visiting our site, we’re glad you’re here!

Come on in, and let us show you a whole new side of Los Angeles! The artists and craftsmen from the grungy Depths of the Southbay, all the way to the rugged Mountain passes in the SGV, band together to usher in this new renaissance of the Arts. Join us on our adventures through the city; come out and support local talent at our pop up Art Shows!

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